Montana Startup, Product Funder, Launches Crowdfunding Portal for Consumer Product Inventions

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May 14, 2013

Product Funder Launches Crowdfunding Portal for Consumer Product Inventions

Product Funder is the first crowdfunding platform designed for consumer products

(Bozeman, MT) – Co-founders Stephen Sanford, David Yakos, and Dr. Joe Stanislao are proud to announce the launch of Product Funder, the first crowdfunding platform designed to help inventors take an idea from inception to retail shelves. Product Funder is the only crowdfunding platform in offers an automated system that guides inventors through the multiple steps required to bring a product to market. An accepted project proposal gains a user access to Product Funder’s Trusted Partner Network, which is a vetted group of industry contacts that help with every step of product design, development, and manufacturing. Without a central resource like Product Funder, inventors face a time-consuming process of seeking out multiple entities for services like securing intellectual property rights and developing a functional prototype.

“Crowdfunding is such a valuable tool for showcasing an idea and raising capital – but none of the existing platforms know consumer products like we do. So, we applied our knowledge of the industry and product development process to the crowdfunding model and came up with Product Funder,” said Sanford.

Product Funder can also be called “accountable crowd funding”. With consumer products, there are more steps to the process than other traditionally crowdfunded projects, such as artistic works or music. Given the increased level of involvement, Product Funder has introduced the Medals System which allows each step in the process to be rated and evaluated. During a brief video pitch uploaded to the site, inventors have the opportunity to prove that they have completed the various steps they claim on the path to having a final product ready for pre-sales. It is also possible to have a third party audit their project and review their medals. Inventors and small businesses who make use of the Product Funder platform will also inherently benefit from the founders’ combined 80 years of experience in product development and engineering.

“We are kicking off the launch of Product Funder with the release of the Folf Club, the ultimate disc golf launcher. The Folf Club is already well on its way to being funded and into production.” said Yakos.

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