Andrew Field

Andrew Field, Founder

Andrew Field’s story of living his dream in Montana is familiar for a lot of people who experienced the incredible beauty of Big Sky Country as visitors, and vowed to return in the future.
“I grew up vacationing in the Yellowstone region. After a few years living in the flat Midwest, my wife and I started looking for an opportunity to return to the Northern Rockies. I had a friend who had moved here and loved it, so we hopped in our Jeep and gave it a try. That was 21 years ago.”

Andrew’s willingness to take chances has certainly paid off with the success of his company, When he founded the company in 1996 he had already started and was running two successful ventures, including a local automotive repair service, but saw an emerging opportunity for a one-stop custom printing order site that would allow its small business customers to complete their order from start to finish online. Andrew’s innovative business plan was a formula for rapid growth, and the company currently employs over 140 people across the state, and reached web sales of nearly $20 million in 2009. For Andrew, the true value of his move to Montana has been the quality of life he’s able to sustain while running a thriving business.

“Most people who choose to live and work in Montana don’t come here to work 70 hours a week … They come to enjoy all of the amazing outdoor activities and unique opportunities that the area has to offer. Montanans usually have a ‘work hard, play hard’ motto which often translates into passionate, high-achieving employees who are looking to make a difference through their work. Working and living in Montana is unique because you can have a successful, challenging career, but still enjoy that work-life balance that isn’t always available in other locations. Plus, the scenery on the commute to work is unrivaled!”

Andrew’s appreciation for a healthy work/life balance is evident in his business practices; in response to one employees growing family, PrintingForLess created Montana’s first fully certified, company-owned day care in 2003. A commitment to preserving Big Sky Country’s beauty is also evident in his environmentally-friendly business decisions, including the construction of an energy-efficient headquarters that is 100% wind-powered – a wise choice if you’re living in one of the nation’s prime wind corridors.

When he’s not in the office with his border collie Jessie at his side, he can be found “fly-fishing, floating the Yellowstone, exploring the Northern Rockies, hiking in the Paradise Valley, or reading anything and everything.”